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Manufacturer of Collars, Leashes, Leads, and Training Pads

About Petzbest

PetzBest™ is a vertically integrated manufacturing company headquartered on Long Island, New York and  in Dongguan, China. PetzBest™ specializes in developing, producing and supplying pet products to wholesalers, distributors, catalog houses and web-based retail enterprises.

What is Vertical Manufacturing?

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Petzest™ produces its raw materials under the same roof as it assembles its products. The manufacturing specialists convert liquid metal and plastic into buckles and other fasteners.  In addition, production specalists buy yarn in different fibers and weave it into webbing and then assemble the raw components into leashes, collars, harnesses and a lot more!

Vertical manufacturing is the most consistent and efficient way to manufacture goods, and PetzBest™ can then pass the benefits on to its customers.

In contrast to vertical manufacturing, PetzBest™ competitors acquire premade buckles and webbing elsewhere, leaving quality control and product development in the hands of a third party. Sometimes issues  that occur upstream are not noticed until further down in the supply chain and therefore reduce product quality, manufacturing efficiency and speed of delivery to the customer.

Flexibility in Manufacturing

One of the many benefits of the PetzBest™ manufacturing arrangement is that  the manufacturing process is flexible and can suite the needs of every PetzBest™ customer. PetzBest™ is happy to deliver custom designs and private labeling on leads, harnesses and collars. Provide the specifications or artwork and leave the rest to the PetzBest™ production specialists.

Product Development & Customer Service

The professionals at PetzBest™ have decades of expertise in supply chain management, which allows the company to simultaneously operate a top of the line manufacturing facility in China while maintaining a warehouse and an order fulfillment and product distribution center domestically.

This means when the PetzBest™ phone rings in New York, where someone who understands wholesalers' and distributors' needs can ensure the utmost satisfaction of every client.

The separation of production and warehousing not only brings PetzBest™ customers low prices and fast delivery, it ensures that every detail on each PetzBest™ collar, strap and lead — from the buckles to the weaving — to the process of the webbing, meets PetzBest™ quality control standards. PetzBest™ professionals know that every client deserves the Best, but especially man's best friends deserve PetzBest™!

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