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Different Types of Dog Leashes for Different Types of Dogs

There is something special about going on walks with your dog, whether it is through a park, around the neighborhood, or somewhere a bit more exotic, but sometimes walks can be a bit difficult. One of the main culprits of creating difficulty on walks is a poorly chosen leash. There are many different types of leashes on the market today--this includes different fabrics and technology, so an owner should choose wisely. Different dogs require different leashes, and the same applies for different situations. There are leashes for owners who are trying to train their dogs to walk politely, and there are also leashes made for walking dogs in crowded places. Below we will be going over different leash options for dogs. Sometimes, it is appropriate to have a few leashes for your dog. Hopefully this article helps you choose.


Chain Leash: If you have a dog who chews, this will be a decent option. How often are you buying cloth or leather leashes because your dog chews through them? Although this is a perk, this leash doesn't come without its downside.  They aren't good for training, and sometimes they can be painful to hold for long periods of time.

Retractable Leash: For open areas where it's appropriate for a dog to roam more freely, you will want to consider purchasing this type of leash. It is easy to see how excited dogs get on walks, and they really enjoy the freedom that these leashes provide. One of the most common issues with this leash is that it easily gets tangle up on objects. A dog could walk through a fence or around a tree. They also aren't great for training your dog.

4 to 6 foot Leash: Usually these are made of either fabrics or leather. They are the best type of leash for training dogs to walk nicely. It is also good for walks on city streets. These leashes allow you to control your dog. It does limit their roaming distance, so for long walks it can become cumbersome for dogs.

Knowing your dog and your walking habits will allow you to pick the proper leashes for you and your fury friend. You can even get special items that are private label pet leashes and collars. Wholesale dog leash and pet collar sellers have large inventories of choices to choose from.