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Before you start a Private Label


If you are thinking about purchasing and selling wholesale dog leashes and collars, you first must stop and think. Rushing into producing a private label is a sure way to ensure that the brand will fail. Starting a private label is a great way to earn extra cash while having total control of the products being sold. Private label products can be customized in both styles and looks.

Here are a few tips to consider before starting your own private label pet leash and collar brand.

  1. Start small: pick two or three products that you are confident with selling, and then work with those. See how the products sell and use the money made to continue to grow your brand. Through creating small lines, it is possible to be smart about the manufacturing process and company money.
  2. Realistic timetable: between deciding to create a label and selling products, some time is required. Working with suppliers, creating artwork, choosing a brand name, and marketing campaign all take time. Do no rush. Think through each decision. You will be better off as a result.
  3. Market research: researching the market takes time, but it is vital for your brand. Chances are, you are not creating completely brand new products, and so you will want first to see similar products that are selling and not selling. Looking at customer reviews and sales can help you create products that are popular, and that will sell.

We can help you build your own private label pet accessory company. We custom design and sell wholesale dog leashes and wholesale pet collars. We create unique products for different private label businesses. Let us help you sell leashes and pet collars.