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Manufacturer of Collars, Leashes, Leads, and Training Pads

Brand or Private Label

Ten years ago, private labels did not live up to the quality of their modern successors. At that time, there were clear distinctions between private and brand name labels. As manufacturing gets better and costs for production drops, companies are able to create better and less expensive private label products. Private label goods can be found throughout many different industries, and the products continue to grow in popularity. Wholesale leashes and wholesale pet collars are prime examples of private label goods that can be found on the market these days.

There is a clear reason why sales of private label products are continuing to grow over the last decade. When the economy suffers, people tend to look for cheaper alternatives to brand names. This includes private labels and store-brand products. What shoppers have realized is that there is little to no difference between a brand name and a private label (outside of name and cost, of course). People do not want to overpay for products, and private labels are, in many cases, just as good as big box brands.

If you are looking to boost business in your store while keeping most of the money for that sale, you should look into the growing private label market. More and more, people are looking for inexpensive and great alternatives to what major brands have to offer.