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Branding For Your Small Business

When you look at a red and yellow arch in the shape of an M, it is impossible to not think of McDonalds’. This isn’t because of coincidence or happenstance. All successful businesses have an easily recognized and remembered brand.  Branding is just as important for small businesses, as it is for large corporate conglomerates. In order to look more attractive to consumers, it is important to have a catchy and unique brand that sets your business apart from the competition. In essence, a brand is the identity of a business; it the message that defines a company to not only consumers, but to the employees that make up the company as well. Having a concise and catchy brand helps both employees and consumers connect emotively to the values and ideas of a brand. This article will have some simple tips for effective, strategic branding for small businesses.

The first step towards great branding is to simply, and clearly define your brand. To do so, you have to effectively analyze your product, its appropriate market, and the needs of interested customers.  A relatable brand helps to draw consumers towards your product.

After you target your market and audience, the next step is to build your brand. When doing so, it is best to rationalize your brand as a person that has a specific look, personality, and identity. Consumers must be able to relate to your brand, and often do so by forming emotional attachments to your company. For instance, if you sell wholesale pet leashes and collars, and want to appeal to a young demographic of pet owners, your brand would have to reflect the interests and identity of your consumer, and a flashy title with content driven advertisement may appeal to a younger demographic. When designing a brand as a person, it is easier to establish methods of creating long lasting relationships with consumers, which gains a loyalty to your brand.

It is also important to never mimic the branding models of larger companies. Being a small business owner is currently a popular commodity. Most educated consumers are likely to pick the small mom and popshop over a corporate behemoth. With that in mind, never try to mimic the look of a large company, instead you should strive to be innovative, bold and promote what you believe in. Bringing back the wholesale pet leash and dog collars example, your brand should reflect how much you love pets, how important it is for them to be safe and comfortable, and why your small business is the right fit for a consumer.

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