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Cat and Dog Collars

Dogs and cats are not created as equals, and so their collars must be made differently. Cats and dogs are inherently different, and their collars complement their particular lifestyles. Most small dog owners are unaware that cat collars will not work for their pet, the same goes for cat owners. 


The main difference between dog and cat owners is the buckle. Cats like to explore, hunt, perch, and climb, and need a collar that can release if it gets snagged. Unfortunately, many cats have asphyxiated because they were wearing collars that couldn’t release.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, dogs should have a collar that will not release while you are out for a walk. When shopping in a store that sells wholesale dog leashes and pet collars, it is easy to get confused. Ask an employee for help, and always remember that to check for sizing. No matter the animal, you should be able to fit two fingers underneath the collar.  Two or more fingers underneath the collar indicated that it is too loose. Less than two fingers show that the collar is too tight.

There are many different styles of wholesale dog collars and pet leashes to choose from, which from a shopping perspective, is a lot of fun!