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Choice Overload and Wholesale Pet Collars

When it comes to picking a dog collar, the large number of choices can be rather confusing. It is not uncommon for those shoppers to make no purchase at all. This dilemma is known as choice overload (overchoice). Alvin Toffler coined the term in 1970, in his book Future Shock. According to Toffler, overchoice is the problem shoppers face when given too many options. Choice overload, in many cases, can induce shopper’s paralysis, which prevents the customer from making a purchase.

The term is appropriately used when referring to shopping for dog collars. It suggests that the at a certain point, the amount of options can be overwhelming. Of course, it is important to have an inventory that caters to different individuals, but it is important not to overwhelm your clientele with options.

There are several things you can do to help ensure you avoid choice overload. The most important thing to do is to research the market. Look at online sellers, read reviews, and check out pet owner blogs, to find out which sort of styles, materials, and type of collars and leashes are selling. Picking popular wholesale leashes will help ensure that your limited inventory sells.


Another great option for the limiting of stock is to make sure that you only sell premium quality fabrics and products. You can focus your attention on acquiring organic cotton and organic hemp collars and leashes. This will let your clients know that you are serious about a healthy planet and happy pets. Get the right wholesale dog leases for your pet store.