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Color Schemes for Branding

No brand is complete without a singular color scheme that is used for products, packaging, and marketing materials (digital and print). Companies that ignore the importance of picking positive colors to represent a company's image, have difficulty reaching target demographics. Research does suggest that individuals judge books by their cover (environments and products), despite the fact that people are encourage to do exactly the opposite. These judgments seem to be largely made on the colors alone. More than 50% of shoppers will consider color as a strong factor (in some cases it becomes the most important factor).


The first step for picking a color scheme is picking a main color that will be the driving force of your brand. The color scheme will be built around this main color. Different websites, like cymbolism.com breaks downs words associated with colors. Pick a color your feel represents your company's image.

Once the main color is picked, you can begin to build a color pallet that is based off the main color. Through this, you will be able to see all the possible color combinations that would compliment the main company color.

If you are, for instance, creating wholesale dog leashes, you will want to not follow the trends of the industry and instead create a color scheme that makes your company stand out.

Picking a color scheme that is consistent throughout your company is important, but make sure that the color scheme matches.