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Dos and Don'ts for Creating Private Label Pet Leashes and Collars

If you have made the decision to start a private label pet leash and collar brand, it is important to know both the market and options for products. Private labels are proven to help grow business, both in terms of money and brand recognition. This article will be devoted to exploring different considerations before ordering wholesale dog leashes and collars.

pet-leashes-and-collars.gifWhen it comes to dog leashes, there are four basic types: standard, retractable, adjustable, and martingale leads. Although each has their own flaws and perks, the most commonly sold and used collars are standard and retractable. When starting a private label, it is important to start small, meaning that you create one or two products before expanding your brand. Having products that will sell ensures that you will have money to make other, more unique products.

Different materials exist because different owners and dogs have specific preferences. There is no way to say which leash is the best, but it is possible to know which are the best selling types. The most common materials used for leashes are nylon, cloth, leather, and metal. Although each material is typically sold at a pet store, cloth and leather are the two best selling materials.

Start your private label dog leash and collar brand small, with popular products that are proven to sell.