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Enjoying your Walks

Although the process of training a dog might be challenging and painstaking, the endeavor is worth the final result. Taking your dog for a walk can either be a joy in life or it can be an annoyance. If you follow five basic tips, you will be able to make your dog behave on a walk. Keep these tips in mind when training, and you will be happy with the results.

Walking in front of your dog lets your dog know that you are the pack leader. If the dog looks to you, he/she will be more inclined to follow your lead.

We all want our dogs to have freedom to roam, but that is advantageous to a peaceful walk. Using a short leash will allow you to keep your dog under control while walking on city streets.


Starting a rewards system with your dog will help it remain happy and following orders. You should give rewards during the walk as well as when you get back from the walk. During the walk, you can give your dog extra time to mark territory and to sniff around. When you get home, you can give the dog treats.

Lastly, you should allot enough time for a comfortable walk. If you don't set aside specific time to walk, all your walks will feel forced and rushed. You will not want to go, and the dog will be able to sense your negative attitude.

Wholesale dog leashes and wholesale pet collars will help to make your walks better as well. When shopping for wholesale leases or pet collars, thinking about the comfort and safety of your dog, and not simply the look and feel of the product.