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Getting the right gear for your Dog

When walking a dog(s), it is important to have the right gear. The right stuff can make a difference between a pleasant walk and a terrible one. This includes having the right collar, leash, and more. Knowing your dog and the types of walks you'll be taking can help you make the right decisions about what you and your dog need. Too often, an individual will go with gear that looks good but doesn't function like they need it too. Function is much more important than fashion when it comes to walking dogs.


Knowing the difference between different types of collars and leashes is the first step to narrowing you search. It is hard to pick the right leash when you do not know what your options are.

When someone mentions a dog collar, most individuals conjure images of the traditional collar: the one the goes right around the neck of a dogs. There is a reason this collar has been used for so long and that reason is because it works. If your dog is well behaved, especially on walks, this collar is lightweight and perfect. If your dog misbehaves or is still training, you may want to consider another option.

For training dogs, a slip collar is a great tool. It is a collar that allows the walker to correct misbehaving dogs. The collar allows for you to quickly adjust the dog when it gets distracted, and it seems that dogs are always getting distracted. The tools isn't designed for the walker to pull their dog back into position, but is designed to get the dog's attention. You should give a quick tug on the leash, which will knock the dog off balance. You must make sure to not pull too hard, as it is possible to knock the dog over. By pulling gently, you'll knock the dog off balance to simply get its attention. This helps to establish dominance over the dog as the pack leader.

If you want to be pulled around by your dog, whether you are on a bike, skateboard, skates, the two above collars will not work. It will mostly hurt your dog. Instead, you should get a harness for your dog. They are specially designed to keep pressure in areas where dogs have strong muscles.

Knowing your options will allow you to acquire the best possible gear for you and your dogs. Considering you'll be walking your dog frequently, you might as well make the most out of it. Finding shops that create wholesale leashes and collars will ensure you have an amazing amount of options. Private label pet leashes and collars are usually your best bet when it comes to acquiring inexpensive and strong collars and leashes.