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Measuring a Dog for Collar and Harness

Before shopping for a dog collar or harness, you must measure your dog. Measuring your dog is the best way to get a collar or harness that will fit properly and securely. The only tool necessary for this endeavor is a soft tape measure. It is hard to get an accurate reading when using construction style tape measures.


Once you have the tape measure, you will want to measure the circumference of your dog’s neck. Wrapping the tape measure once around the neck will give you the correct number. If you know in advance that you want a buckle style collar, you should add an extra 2" to the total measurement.

For a dog that has a neck circumference that is between two sizes, it is best to round up and not down. It is better for a collar to be a little loose rather than a little tight.

After the collar has been purchased, you should make sure to put it on correctly. The collar should rest high on the dog's neck. A good test to ensure a collar is not too tight or loose is the two-finger test.

Buying wholesale leashes and collars can be overwhelming if you do not measure your dog first.