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Organic Cotton Wholesale Dog Leashes

Pet lovers have different options when it comes to picking materials for pet collars and leashes. It is important to consider the materials of your pet gear just as much as you value the aesthetic properties. In many cases, the material you choose is more important than look. If you are an individual who values function over fashion, you will want to consider organic cotton pet collars. Organic cotton offers its users many benefits. Once you begin to see the pros, it will be hard for you not to buy organic cotton products.

Simply put, organic cotton is:

  • 2x softer than traditional cotton. Your dog will appreciate the softness on their skin.
  • Hypoallergenic, as opposed to conventional cotton leashes and collars
  • Not made with chemicals, which is healthier for your dog, yourself, and the environment
  • A healthier choice for families, the environment, and most importantly the pet.


There are many benefits associated with organic cotton, but the price is not much more than traditional cotton. Buying wholesale dog leashes made of organic cotton is not substantially more expensive than traditional cotton products. Buying wholesale pet collars for your store can help to increase business, and you should strongly consider making those collars out of organic cotton.

When ordering wholesale dog leashes, make sure your order organic cotton.