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Reasons to get a Dog


There is a reason the term best friend is used for dogs and their owners. A bond is formed between pets and owners that is unbreakable. Dogs are cute, loyal, and fun, but are there any real tangible benefits found when owning a dog? How much can owning a dog effect you in everyday life?

  1. Those who own dogs tend to walk more than those who do not. On overage, a person can take up to 400 more steps daily, which adds up to roughly 300 minutes of walking time per week. Any exercise is better than none, and so owning a dog can help keep you healthier than non-dog owners.
  2. A recent study conducted by Dr. Robin Maria Valeri claims that dog owners are 28% more likely to laugh than non-pet owners. Owning a pet can reduce depressed feeling in an individual. This contributes to better overall mental and physical health.
  3. Lonely and older dog owners tend to speak with their animals, which can significantly help reduce stress and tension.
  4. Some recent studies claim that on average a dog owner will live longer than a non-dog owner.

Owning a dog can benefit an individual and their family in many ways. If you were on the fence about getting a new friend for the family, you should reconsider. Our wholesale leashes and pet collars are perfect for any dog.