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Manufacturer of Collars, Leashes, Leads, and Training Pads

Start your Dream Business

If you have a passion for furry dogs and cats, and you are looking to start a new business, why not try and combine the two things? Designing and selling wholesale pet collars and leashes is an excellent way to earn extra cash. Some industries go through highs and lows, but that is not the case for animal care products. That industry continues to grow. All dog owners need dog collars and leashes. If an old one breaks, a new one must be purchased.

To start your business, you need to two main things:  to first understand the market and to then give those customers a unique spin on what's already available to them. Doing research on popular brands and types will help you to jump into an existing market, and it also enables you to give the marketplace something fresh and new.

Getting your products in brick-and-mortar stores can be great for business, but it should not be the first and only place you turn. Having a strong presence online is the best way to attract new customers. Consider selling on online retailers like Amazon and Ebay. A few positive reviews on that site can go a long way.

We provide high-quality wholesale pet collars and wholesale dog leashes. Let us help you create a product that you are proud of. With our expertise, you can start your own private label pet accessory company.