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Stopping Leash Biting

It can be rather frustrating fighting with a dog who continually bites at their leash. What is an owner to do? Do you let your dog bite and then just replace the leash when necessary? This is improper behavior for a dog, and it should not be tolerated (especially because biting a leash can lead to biting other things or people). The problem usually starts while a dog is a puppy, and so it needs to be taken care of before it becomes a bad habit. What can be done to curb this bad behavior?


Do not tug on a leash as your pup bites and tugs. Although you might feel that you are showing signs of dominance, in essences you are only playing with the dog. What dog does not like playing tug of war with a toy or rope?

Get dog toys that the dog is encouraged to chew and tug on. Let the dog bring the toy on walks to help encourage no biting of the leash.

Start training your puppy in the house. It is easy for a young puppy to be easily distracted, and this is especially the case while walking on busy streets. Going for walks in the house allows your pup to practice in a calm environment.

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