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Summer Walking and your Pets

Walking our pets during the cold winter months can be unpleasant, to say the least. Many of us look to the calendar for warmer days, when walks are pleasant and enjoyable. There is not much to be concerned with during the spring, but the summer months present problems that all pet owners must be cognizant of.

When taking your dog for a walk during the summer, you want to be aware of the ground you are walking on. Wearing shoes protects humans feet from hot asphalt, so if your dog is without shoes, you want to find an alternative route. Look for grass and lighter colored pavement.

You must make sure that your dog has the appropriate level of hydration. Always keep extra water on your person when walking your dog (you may even want to carry a small bowl for your dog to drink from).


Walking wooded trails with your dogs can be a pleasant experience for both the dog and owner. You must be aware of two things while walking in these places: ticks and poisonous plants. Find out about local ticks and toxic plants in your area to better prepare.

Try and time your walks around the parts of the day that are less hot. Sunrise and sunset are great alternatives to high noon.

Use wholesale dog leashes and wholesale pet collars that allows the dog to breath more easily. Consider using nylon pet collars as opposed to leather pet collars.

Get the right gear for the summer, such as leashes, dog collars, and travel water bowls. Take care of your pets, as the weather gets hotter.