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The Size of a Dog Leash Matters

When it comes to picking a dog leash that will work for you and your fury friend, it is important to not only consider something that looks aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to get a leash that will last and that will best compliment you and your dog, you must consider the size of the leash.

There are properly sized leashes for you and your dog, and its important to find out what that size is. When considering size, you need to consider both the length of the leash as well as the width. A leash with a thin width that is attached to a larger sized dog is bound to snap at some point. Thin straps are fashionable and practical for small dogs that lack power. A small dog needs to be watched more carefully on a walk than a larger dog, and so shorter lengths are more appropriate as well.

Just as you must consider the size and strength of a dog, you must all be mindful of your dog's behavior on walks. Short, thick leashes make is easier for an owner to be the one controlling the walk. Longer leashes allow the dog to have more freedom and control.

Wholesale leashes come in different sizes, so it is important to find the leash that works for you. Getting the right leash will keep both you and your dog happy.