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Tips for Selling Pet Collars and Leashes


When shopping for pet products, it might feel like your options for purchase are endless. Walking the aisles of a pet shop or looking online can give a person “choice overload.” How do you help someone decide to buy? The most natural thing you can do for your customers is to limit their options to only the best and most practical option. If you are buying wholesale pet collars or leashes for your private label, consider some of the below tips before buying.

Grow over time: It is easy to have big eyes and buy many products for sale. The more you initially buy the more upfront cost to your business. Consider purchasing a few products that are likely to sell, and then use that money to reinvest in the business.

Limit “choice overload”: When people are faced with too many options, they will tend not to choose anything at all. Pick products that you stand-by and believe in. If you know the products are great, then others should hopefully feel the same say.

Assiduous research: you need to know your market before entering it. There are many resources online that you can turn to help you understand what is and is not selling.

Target demographics: the more you learn about whom you are selling to, the easier it is to sell products. Know what material is most commonly used in that area. Also, find out what type of pets live in the area and what owners do with their pets.

Our wholesale leashes and wholesale pet collars are perfect for your new private label pet accessory company.