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Using Puppy Training Pads

It is possible to housebreak dogs, and in fact, it is not as hard as it seems. The main thing a person needs to begin this endeavor is patience. If you are a person who has a short-fuse or quick temper, it might be best to hire a professional trainer. You have to remember that a puppy is just like a toddler, meaning that they do not have a great deal of control over their body and mind. It takes time for all children to learn to use the toilet correctly, and the same goes for dogs. Before buying any products to help train your pup, make sure that you are up to the challenge.


Many puppies will need to use the bathroom roughly 15 minutes after significant activities (eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping). Noticing your dog’s routine and behavior will help you ensure that your puppy makes it outside before peeing or pooping.

Reward your pet for a job well done and avoid negative reinforcement. You want your dog to be happy and calm when going outside. If you are continually hitting and yelling the puppy, they will get scared and continue to go inside your home.

Make sure to take your puppy on plenty of walks so that they get comfortable being outside. Using our wholesale leashes and wholesale pet collars, you can encourage your puppy to go to the bathroom outside.

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