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What is Recycled Polyester

With each passing year, consumers are showing a great interest in sustainably made products. People are becoming more conscientious about our place on this planet, and so they want products that are not detrimental to the wellbeing of the earth. At Petzbest, we try and do our share by offering a full line of recycled polyester pet collars and leashes. Our wholesale pet collars can be found throughout the United States. Many people ask, what is recycled polyester?


Polyester is a human-made fiber that is synthesized from ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate (and other petrochemicals). Creating new polyester is not environmentally friendly. Producing this material requires a good deal of water, fossil fuels, and chemicals.

The recycled version of polyester uses PET as a raw material (same stuff used for making clear plastic bottles). The content is repurposed into the fabric, which means that it will avoid ending up in a landfill. Creating recycled polyester uses up to 53% less energy than producing virgin polyester. Buying recycled polyester means that fewer fossil fuels are being used while producing the material.

Buying recycled polyester wholesale leashes and wholesale pet collars are a great way to care for your pet while also caring for the planet.